​​Handmade candles, Knitted goods & more

Sashay Scarves: These scarves range in length and color and are made from sashay yarn. 

Dishcloths/Washrag: Made with 100% cotton yarn, you won't be disappointed by the quality clean you can achieve when using one of our dishcloths. Ranging in color, pattern, and size, we have the cloth that is right for your kitchen or bath. 

​Kitchen Scrubbies: Stuck on food and grim are no match when using our kitchen scrubbies. Your pots and pans will be cleaner and once they get dirty you can through them in the wash or dish washer. There non-stick and also work great to remove bugs from vehicles. We have a variety of color for you to enjoy.

Face Scrubbies: Hand crocheted, each face scrubbie is made using 100 percent cotton yarn. These are perfect to use to gently exfoliate the skin when washing your face. Machine washable just toss in the laundry with bath towels and tumble dry.

Knit Hats and ear warmers: Each had is made from super soft yarn to keep your head warm during the winter months. Great for babies and adults also available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Knitted Goods