Lanyards: Each lanyard is handsewn using ribbon and features a breakaway clip and key ring. We offer two sizes one perfect to carry your keys around your neck and one perfect for carrying keys around your wrist. 

Bottle Bird Feeder: An original design. These bottle bird feeders were designed by Dustin to find a way to repurpose old glass pop/beer bottles. These feeders feature a shingled roof and vibrant color to accommodate all the smaller birds in your yard.

Handmade Fire Starters: These fire starters are made with leftover/recycled wax mixed together with sawdust and dryer lint. Place two under dry tinder in your campfire, light the paper exterior, sit back and enjoy your fire

Scrap Fabric Wreaths: Each wreath is custom made with individual strips of fabric. Most wreaths have a center plaque or chalkboard to tie it all together. If you have an idea for a wreath let me know and I can work something out with you. 

​​Handmade candles, Knitted goods & more

Crayon Tractor Trailer: Each truck is handmade by Dustin and finished with color stain and hardwood functioning wheels. Kids will love wheeling around the truck with 24 crayons at their disposal. 



Bottle Lamps:  These lamps give any room a little added charm and have family and friends complimenting your lamp. Made from old alcohol, wine and other antique glass bottles. 

Watering Can Planters: Made from a mix of cedar and treated pine, each planter is handmade by Dustin and are perfect for planting your favorite flowers. 

Bobbin Lamps:  These one-of-a-kind lamps are made from industrial bobbins and were hand painting from someone many years ago and have been converted into lamps to give your home some added charm.